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15 Essential Breweries Visit in Washington

Here's what you need to know...
  • The beer scene in Washington continues to grow as more microbreweries pop up around the Pacific Northwest
  • Breweries can be a great addition to any trip, but many people choose to visit breweries as the main destination on their trip
  • While breweries are a fun thing, there’s still alcohol involved so always be safe and remember to have a designated driver
Since Washington is filled with startup ideas and tech-related companies, it is one of the last places people may expect a brewery boom.

The state has many new and old breweries that are making a name for themselves. Avoiding the dreary days and the chilly weather of the PNW is an activity most people who visit Washington enjoy, so it makes sense they would flock to the breweries.

They provide a warm and inviting atmosphere while also offering visitors a chance to try out beer that will help them warm up from the inside. Before planning your beer road trip, make sure you are covered with our free quote tool above today! 

While Seattle is one of the most popular destinations for breweries, they are dotted throughout the state. In fact, Washington is home to 281 breweries.

The breweries all around Washington all have unique features that make them special.

From large breweries that produce beer for the entire country to microbreweries that make specialty beers for the people of the Pacific Northwest, Washington has it all.

Drinking and Driving

AdobeStock_73231724-1600x1600In Washington, being just buzzed is enough to land yourself a DUI. If you are over the legal limit, you will be charged with a DUI in Washington.

For that reason, you need to be prepared to have a designated driver or a service like Uber to help you get home after you’ve been to the brewery.

Having a plan to get home will also help you relax and have a better time while you’re visiting the brewery.

Try out all the beers they have to offer. Keep in mind the penalties for driving under the influence in Washington involve up to 364 days in jail and electronic monitoring a home along with mandatory rehabilitation classes. Fines can range from $600 to over $5,000.

Top 15 Breweries in Washington

The breweries in Washington are rated on the beers they have, their popularity within the city and their ability to serve different needs.

Each of the breweries has different features that make them special. Not all breweries are open all the time.

#15 –Valholl Brewing

Recommended Beer:Valkerie Red

Visiting Valholl Brewing takes you back in time to a place where beer was the drink of choice for everyone. Located on the Puget Sound, Valholl offers brews that are made in small batches.

They also have a small assortment of snacks you can choose, a tasting room and even tours.

They have different beers ranging from a few during the offseason to 50 or more when the beer is more popular. You can visit them anytime from 2 p.m. – 8 p.m. on weekdays.

#14 – Iron Horse Brewing

Recommended Beer: Interurban

There is no tasting room at the Iron Horse Brewing, but there is a brewpub where you can try their different beers and food.

They offer something for everyone and you can enjoy their sampler of different beers. Check out their best IPAs any time of the year and their seasonal offerings in the fall and winter. Visit Iron Horse from 4 p.m. – 9 p.m. on weekdays and 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. on weekends.

#13 – Fremont Brewing

Recommended Beer: Bellingham Blonde

The Bourbon Abominable Winter Ale from Fremont Brewing is one of the most popular beers in all of Washington. Here, you can enjoy the brewpub with snacks and treats that are paired to go perfectly with all the beer they have to offer.

Be sure to grab a picture next to the famous outdoor sculpture. If you’re visiting Fremont Brewing at a time they have their” wonder” beer, be sure to snatch it up because it’s only available in limited quantities.

Of the over 50 beers they serve, the Fremont Brewing company is definitely a Seattle favorite. Visit them from 11 a.m.-Midnight.

#12 – Boundary Bay Brewing

Recommended Beer: Second Sight Scotch Ale

At one of the northernmost points in Washington, you can visit Boundary Bay Brewing. It is Bellingham’s pride in that it is a brewery and also a bistro. Try out some of their delicious baked treats or some of their expertly brewed beer.

They have sourced all their food locally and work on sourcing their beer ingredients locally, too. They’re open from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. weekends.

Try their nacho plate with the Cask IPA. If your designated driver wants something cold and frosty, order one of their homemade root beers.

#11 – Black Raven Brewing

Recommended Beer: Beaktweaker Citrus IPA

At Black Raven Brewing, there’s always a new specialty beer to try out. While they are made in small batches, you can still try to catch one before they run out.

There is no brewpub at this brewery, but you can try out their Bourbon Barrel-Aged La Petite Mort when you’re visiting them in Redmond.

Another favorite from Black Raven is the Trickster IPA that you can only get from the brewery.

#10 – No-Li Brewhouse

Recommended Beer: Big Juicy

On the Eastern side of Washington, you can enjoy the No-Li Brewhouse. The brewery has convenient outdoor seating on the river overlooking some of the best sites on the Eastside.

There is pub food available for purchase, tours and a tasting room for those who want to check out what No-Li has to offer. Visit anytime from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. to try their Spin Cycle Red.

#9 – 7 Seas Brewing

Recommended Beer: Rude Parrot Single IPA

Located in Gig Harbor, 7 Seas Brewing has an intimate taproom people can visit when they want to get down to business with the beer.

There is also a delightful beer garden you can try their IPAs and other craft beers.

While there is no brewpub at 7 Seas, you won’t need food after you’ve tried their Balls Deep Double IPA. Visit the brewery from 11 AM – 8 PM on weekdays and until 11 PM on weekends.

#8 – Georgetown Brewing

Recommended Beer: Lucille IPA

The brewery is unique because it’s one of the ones on the list that doesn’t have a brewpub in it. You can choose your favorite beer based on the tasting room samples and then take a growler of it home.

You can also get the beer on tap in different locations around Seattle. A crowd favorite from Georgetown Brewing is Lucille IPA and Seattle-favorite Manny’s.

#7 – Walking Man Brewing

Recommended Beer: Homo Erectus

Even though Walking Man Brewing is closed on Monday and Tuesday, you can visit the brewpub anytime from Noon – 9 p.m. on all the other days. Try out their garlic fries on the terrace patio after taking a hike to the gorge.

You can also bring your kids and your pups into the alehouse which makes it a great weeknight family pub. Try out their Hoptoberfest seasonal fall beer. Their Homo Erectus is a great beer any time of the year.

#6 – Mac and Jacks

Recommended Beer: African Amber Ale

Open daily from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. in Redmond, Mac and Jacks Brewery takes it back to the simpler times. They offer a growler-filling area for things like their African Amber Ale.

They also have a small taproom where you can try things out. After taking the tour of the brewery, you can visit their retail shop right inside the brewery. Try their seasonal IPA for a unique flavor.

#5 – Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen

Recommended Beer: British IPA

Will Kemper, who runs this brewery has worked at and owned several different breweries in the United States and Mexico. The beers served at Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen include fruity beers and even complex flavored beers.

The British IPA is a favorite. Grab a bite to eat at the brewery in Bellingham, try a beer and then hop on the ferry that takes you right into the heart of Alaska from Washington. The brewery is open from Noon – 2 a.m. most weekdays and weekends.

#4 – Hales Ales

Recommended Beer: Palladium Pale Ale

In Seattle, you can’t beat Hales Ales for their health-friendly food and beers that satisfy. Hale’s most famous beer is the Palladium Pale Ale, but you can also try their Harvest IPA seasonally.

From pub grub to salads and everything in between, try the food at Hales. The brewery is open for eating, drinking and touring 11 AM – 10 PM every day.

#3 – Reuben’s Brews

Recommended Beer: Crikey IPA

At Reuben’s Brews, you can try one of their 36 award-winning brews. You can also grab a bottle of their best beers at over 50 stores around Washington. They’re located just outside of Seattle in Ballard.

They started out as a taproom that was funded on Kickstarter. Check out the stat board to learn more about how much each beer is, the ABV and the OG. You’ll be able to pop into Reuben’s anywhere from 5 PM – 3 AM on most days.

#2 – Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Recommended Beer: Ruud Awakening IPA

The river views at Old Schoolhouse Brewing combine with the live music in the seasonal beer garden to create the perfect atmosphere for those who need something special in their brewery.

They’re open from 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. on weekdays and Noon – 10 p.m. on weekends. They have a variety of stouts, porters and IPAs.

The Hooligan Stout and their Rendezvous Porter are two rich beers that allow you to enjoy the full-bodied flavors in the beer.

#1 – Elysian Brewing

Recommended Beer: Immortal IPA

The Seattle Elysian Brewing is one of the oldest in the city. It opened back in 1996 and has over four locations in 2017.

The best beers according to customers are the Immortal IPA and the Night Owl Pumpkin Ale which is a seasonal offering during the fall months.

It has food, tours and even tasting rooms for your entire party. The hours vary by location.

Safety Tips Before Hitting the Road

Are you ready to take the big beer tour throughout the state of Washington? Pick one place to start and map your trip ahead of time. Some breweries are closer than others so keep that in mind when you’re planning.

If you’re going to drive, always tune your car up ahead of time and decide who the designated driver will be.

Make sure you have the required $10,000 and $25,000 limits for Washington on your insurance policy before taking off on your beer trip.

If you don’t have the required limits, get quotes from, at least, three different insurance companies for the best price on the coverage you need.

A couple other things to keep in the car:

  • Emergency kit
  • First aid kit
  • Maps
  • Extra Cash

If you plan on being able to drive after, make a backup plan in case the beer was too strong. Both Uber and Lyft are available throughout Washington so make sure you have the app installed and ready to go.

Most brewpubs and brew houses will help you if you need to find a ride home — just ask!

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