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Top 13 Beaches in Washington

Here's what you need to know...
  • Washington has some of the least crowded beaches in all of America
  • Many of the beaches are considered hidden gems because most people think of cloud cover and rain when they think of Washington
  • Having the right auto insurance can give you peace of mind while traveling to your favorite Washington beach

Washington is often thought to be the rain capital of the country, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While it does rain more days than not, there’s plenty of sunny days you can enjoy at the beach or exploring all the outdoor exciting things Washington has to offer.

In fact, Washington has beaches that are perfect for people who love to get away from the tourist trap beaches that are found everywhere except the Pacific Northwest.

The warm season in Washington, especially on the Puget Sound, ranges from July to September. While the warm season isn’t particularly long, the weather is mild for the rest of the year.

Temperatures generally don’t go above 80 or below 40 which makes all year great for visiting the beach. Many beaches offer their events and activities during the month of July.

Washington is quickly becoming one of the most popular retirement states because of the weather and beaches.

People who are tired of the overcrowded beaches of Florida and Southern California retire to Washington to get a taste of the coastal life. In fact, Ocean Shores in Washington has been called Florida for the working class. Make sure you are covered before you plan your beach day with our free quote tool above! 

Beaches in Washington

There are hundreds of beaches in Washington, but some of them have different things to offer. While beaches like Seabrook offer the traditional beach lifestyle, places like La Push are filled with pebble beaches and freezing temperatures that make it hard to actually enjoy the beach.

Finding the best beach for you is all about what you want to do while you’re at the beach. There’s something for everyone in Washington beaches, but many people haven’t found it.

The number of tourists at Washington beaches is about 50 percent less than visitors at other beaches in the United States. That is, perhaps, one of the most appealing things about the beaches in Washington.

#13 – Point No Point

Known For: The historical lighthouse
Must Do Activity: Wade in the calm, cool waters

The Point No Point beach in Washington is best known for the lighthouse. It is a beach town but also has a rich history from shipwrecks and even some issues from the lighthouse.

Now that the lighthouse is protected by the Coast Guard, people can visit to enjoy the history lesson that comes along with it.

The beach is one of the calmest beaches in Washington and has soft, light sand in contrast to the wet, hard, dark sand on most of the beaches. There are designated parking spaces throughout the town for beach access.

#12 – Mocrocks Beach

Known For: Clams and Oysters
Must Do Activity: Visit one of the local clam shacks for fresh catches

If you’re visiting Mocrocks Beach, you will absolutely need to try your hand at Clam and Oystering on the beach. Roll those pants up and start digging.

There are no public restrooms or designated parking spaces, but you can park right on the beach.

Take the whole family for clamming, but be aware the water is much too rough to swim in or even get your toes wet.

#11 – Me-kwa-Mooks Beach

Known For: Being a beach in the city
Must Do Activity: Whale watch from the shore

This Seattle beach park is perfect for those who want to visit a beach and try their hand at seeing a whale. There are tide pools and smooth stones throughout the beach, but no real sand to dig your feet into.

Parking is street parking close to the Me-Kwa-Mooks Beach access path and you can visit anytime from sunrise to sunset.

While whales sometimes come close enough for visitors to spot, you can also enjoy checking for sea life in the tide pools during low tide.

#10 – Dungeness Spit

Known For: Being the longest spit in the United States
Must Do Activity: Take a hike down the 10.2-mile total hiking trail

The Dungeness Spit Trail is a great beach hike for people to enjoy. It is 6.8 miles long so you may want to consider trying just a section of it at a time.

Since the sand spit can oftentimes be unpredictable, this is an activity that is best left for singles, couples or families with teenage children.

The total distance if you walk the entire spit and back is 10.2 miles. This beach area is a true sight to behold and even makes a great running path for avid runners.

#9 – Lake Crescent Beach

AdobeStock_87779969-1600x1600Known For: Contained water close to modern conveniences
Must Do Activity: Boat around the lake for breathtaking sights

Most of the beaches on this list border the ocean, but the Lake Crescent beach provides a more contained environment. The lake is huge and has plenty of activities for all families to enjoy.

Whether you want to go boating, you want to swim in the lake or you just want to hike the nature trails, you can do it at Lake Crescent. The lake has parking areas all around it.

Try to go in the summer months for the weather, but consider the shoulder season to avoid some of the crowds that gather near the beaches.

#8 – Westport

oysters-shellfish_75805128-1600x1600Known For: Large marina and seals that hang out on the docks
Must Do Activity: Eat at one of the many oceanfront restaurants

Westport is a fishing town with a marina and plenty for visitors to do. With a lookout, you can see for miles. On a clear day, you can see the entire way across the harbor to Ocean Shores from the lookout while also glimpsing the beaches of Hoquiam and Aberdeen.

The drive to Ocean Shores from the mainland is a beautiful one filled with tall trees and even elk crossing. Take a walk out to the pier to see the seals or stand on the platform to see the dredging boats.

Surfers gather on the Westport beaches nearby because of the huge waves. If you get hooked on the beach while you’re there, Westport has the lowest beachfront property rates in the country.

#7 – Seabrook


Known For: Rocky beaches
Must Do Activity: Visit one of the brick-oven pizza restaurants

Seabrook in Washington is reminiscent of charming New England towns. It is small, has beautiful rocky beaches and has the family feel that many people think is missing from every other beach in Washington.

Check out the dueling pizza companies along the main streets in the town or take an evening stroll on the beach.

It is one of the last places you can catch a sunset in the continental United States.

#6 – Ocean Shores

Known For: Tourist feel
Must Do Activity: Take a drive down the solid sand beaches

If you’re looking for a traditional tourist-themed beach, Ocean Shores is the place. From pastel condos to tie-dye beach hoodies, you’ll feel like you’re in a tourist town as soon as you enter the main drag of Ocean Shores.

The town has beachfront hotels, restaurants and even horseback riding you can do right on the beach.

If you’re visiting during the offseason, feel free to take your vehicle down the miles-long trail on the beach, but if you’re there during the summer watch out for beachcombers.

#5 – Alki Beach

Known For: Community atmosphere reminiscent of SoCal beaches
Must Do Activity: Have a bonfire on the beach

In the Elliot Bay area of Seattle, you can step right out onto the Alki Beach. The beach has over two miles of sand and water. Since the Alki Beach beach is close to the city, the waves are much calmer than they are on other areas of the coast.

While the water is often too cold to swim in, take your shoes off and dip them into the water. During the summer months, you can get in on a game of beach volleyball.

You and the family can also stay late and take advantage of the fire pits dotted around the beach. S’mores by the ocean is something everyone should experience once in their lives.

#4 – Ruby Beach

Known For: The smooth pebbles instead of sand
Must Do Activity: Use one of the hiking trails and end the day with a picnic in the pebbles

Drive up the 101 toward Forks and you’ll stumble on Ruby Beach. It is a beach that has a rugged shoreline and small pebbles around it. The beach is a refreshing breather from the traditional sand.

While it is located in the Olympic National Park, it is often devoid of the tourist types and boasts opportunities for outdoorsmen.

Since this isn’t a traditional beach, children may be disappointed they can’t build sand castles or jump in the crashing waves, so this beach may be better reserved for older families.

#3 – Rialto

Known For: Rock structures
Must Do Activity: Explore the surrounding forests

As one of the unique beaches in Washington, Rialto has a coastal forest that visitors can walk through before heading out to the beach. The sand is hard, wet and varies greatly depending on the tide.

It is another beach located in the Olympic National Park but is unique because of the gigantic rock structures that are all over the shoreline. Waters get rough on this beach so be sure to keep a close eye on little ones.

#2 – Shi Shi Beach

Known For: Camping on the beach
Must Do Activity: Pack up your hiking gear and spend a few days camping on the beach

After parking in a designated parking lot, be prepared for a near-7 mile round trip hike to the Shi Shi Beach. Once you get there, the hike will be worth it. The beach is known for the free camping opportunities you have once you get to the beach.

Be sure to bring your tent so you can take it all in after you’ve made the hike. Expect to have a moderate number of other campers with you if you go during the summer months.

Expect to have rain, blustering winds and chilly temperatures if you go during the offseason. The campsites are basic and do not include things like water or electricity.

#1 – Long Beach

Known For: Tourism opportunities
Must Do Activity: Visit a lighthouse, walk on the boardwalk or visit the museum

Lighthouses, a boardwalk, sandy beaches and even a free museum are all located in Long Beach. It is one of the most tourist-friendly beaches in the state and boasts something for everyone.

There is designated parking, hotels and even condos all nearby this beach. Visit the lighthouse for a history lesson, check out the free museum or head out to Cape Disappointment for hiking opportunities with the whole family.

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Safety Tips While at the Beach in Washington

Before heading to the beaches in Washington, you need to know some safety things about driving there and visiting the beaches.

The first thing you should do is make sure your vehicle is covered with the required $25,000 bodily injury liability and the $10,000 property liability coverage.

Always get three to four different quotes from insurance companies to ensure you’re getting the best price possible and review your policy every time you renew.

Staying safe on the beach also means you’ll need to be aware of your surroundings. Tourist beaches can be a mecca for crime, but they can also be somewhere you feel safest.

Lock your belongings up and always lock your car. Also, be sure you’re paying close attention to where your children are at all times. Most beaches in Washington have rough waters and dangerous undertows.

– Vehicle Tips for Washington Beaches

AdobeStock_72047239-1600x1600 (1)Vandalism is often rife at beaches around the country and the beaches in Washington are no different. Park in an area that is designated for beachgoers and always makes sure you’re locking your vehicle up when you’re not going to be in it.

Consider all the parking options you have, and if you’re going to be at the beach until dark, park in an area that is well-lit. Most of the beaches in Washington have places for you to park.

If you’re going to drive along the beaches, which is one of the most popular activities in Washington, make sure your vehicle is prepared for it.

While coupes and sedans can technically drive on the beach, it may not be the best idea for the life of your vehicle. Consider taking a four-wheel drive or renting a vehicle before you drive on the beach.

Always check with your insurance policy to make sure you will be covered while you’re driving on the beach. Following safety tips can help make your beach adventure more enjoyable.

It can be hard to have a good time when something goes wrong and you’re not prepared for it so keep that in mind before visiting a Washington beach. Most importantly, remember to make memories that will last a lifetime. Before you plan your trip, make sure you compare quotes with our free quote below!

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