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Top 15 Places to Get Married in Washington

Here's what you need to know...
  • Washington is a popular wedding destination because there is something for every couple with the greatly varied topography in the state
  • Couples who are getting married often have a lot of paperwork to do, but they try to prioritize their auto insurance because it can protect them while they are saving money simply for being married
  • Planning your wedding is easy when you know where you’re going to have it since it is one less thing for you to have to worry about

Wedding planning is so exciting for everyone who is involved, but it can be stressful at times. One of the easiest things you can do is start out with a location.

From there, everything will start to fall into place while you effortlessly plan what you’ll be doing on your wedding day and during the days leading up to the big event.

Since Washington has so many different venues for newlyweds-to-be, you can find something that will suit all your needs. Before you start planning your big day make sure you are covered with our free quote tool above! 

Washington Wedding Venues

#15 – Roche Harbor Resort

Cost: $1,500
Setting: Historic waterfront hotel
Accommodates: 300 guests

Located on Friday Harbor, Roche Harbor Resort is an upscale wedding venue in Washington. It provides tented outdoor weddings and receptions for up to 300 guests. The venue also offers food and catering.

While it is a destination resort for weddings, people from different areas can come to Roche Harbor and feel like they are at home.

The resort offers overnight rooms for guests and a special bridal suite to help prepare for the big day. While outdoors, there are facilities indoors that guests can use during the ceremony and reception.

#14 – Stimson Green Mansion

Cost: $3,000 and up
Setting: City outdoor
Accommodates: 150 guests

Within the heart of Seattle, the Stimson Green Mansion provides an excellent place for a wedding with a backdrop. Guests can take in the breathtaking views of the city skyline including Mount Rainier that stands high above it all.

While the venue is one that is all outdoors, it does not provide any type of covered options for wedding parties which can sometimes be tricky in the Seattle weather.

There are some facilities guests can use indoors, but there is not much room for people to stand within these enclosed areas.

#13 – Chapel on Echo Bay

Cost: $1,500 to $7,000
Setting: Indoor and outdoor church
Accommodates: 130 guests

When you want a wedding on Fox Island, the Chapel on Echo Bay provides the perfect place to do it. It is a great destination for religious weddings and caters to several different religions. It is nestled into the Olympic Mountain Range and has a lakeside beach that visitors can enjoy.

The reception can only be held indoors, but there is room for the ceremony indoors and outdoors. The venue requires couples to bring their own food options and to bring their own alcohol.

While it has a list of recommended vendors, couples are not limited to these options only.

#12 – Empress Estate

Cost: $4,900
Setting: Mansion with outdoor garden setting
Accommodates: 250 guests

The Empress Estate is a mansion that’s in the southwestern area of Washington. It is only a 30-minute drive from Portland and provides access to many different features. There is artwork and elegant décor on the inside. Couples can choose an outdoor ceremony and reception or an indoor one.

Both accommodate the same number of guests to make things more convenient for the couple getting married.

The facility generally has rooms available for guests and the wedding party to stay the night before or the night after. While The Empress Estate provides catering for the wedding, couples must provide their own alcohol.

#11 – Tin Roof Barn

Cost: $7,000
Setting: Rustic outdoors
Accommodates: 150 guests

Couples who are looking for a rustic wedding that also has elegant touches may consider the Tin Roof Barn for its aesthetic qualities.

Guests are required to be done with the wedding by 10:00 PM and the wedding must be booked months in advance.

The Tin Roof Barn has a list of caterers they have contracted with. Couples who are getting married are able to provide their own alcohol and do not have to rely on the vendors the Tin Roof Barn would traditional use.

The ceremony can only be held outside, but the reception can be either indoor or outdoor.

#10 – Moore Mansion

Cost: $6,495
Setting: Outdoor elegant mansion
Accommodates: 350 guests

The outdoor space at The Moore Mansion is the perfect backdrop for any type of wedding. The ceremony and reception must be held outside, but the venue is able to provide tents and other coverings because of the weather in Pasco, Washington.

Couples must bring their own caterer or their own food. They must also provide their own alcohol.

For additional fees, guests can use the staff at the Moore Mansion to help serve food, but they must bring their own bartender if they are going to have alcohol at the wedding.

#9 – Creekside Estate Vineyard

Cost: $1,500
Setting: Vineyard outdoors
Accommodates: 150 guests

In the heart of Washington’s wine country is the Creekside Estate Vineyard. It is a vineyard setting with outdoor only space for the reception and the ceremony. There are no covered areas and there are primitive facilities for guests to use.

The venue is a bring your own caterer venue, but is also able to provide wine for an extra fee. Couples need to handle all other alcohol needs on their own as the venue cannot provide liquor or other types of alcohol.

The estate does not have overnight facilities for guests to stay or the party to get ready for the event.

#8 – The Great Hall at Union Station

Cost: $6,000
Setting: Banquet hall and restaurant
Accommodates: 500 guests

In the Great Hall at Union Station, couples are able to have their wedding and reception close together in an area that’s perfect for many different purposes. The venue provides both the food and drink, but they have many different options for the food they are able to cater for the wedding.

There are set up fees and minimums that will also be added to the total cost of renting out the venue.

Because the venue is a restaurant in Seattle, couples will need to plan ahead to choose the menu they are going to offer their guests.

The Great Hall has options for people who want to try different things and for those who want to have elegant weddings.

There is no outdoor space for the ceremony or the reception, but there are some areas outside where guests and the wedding party can take pictures.

Additionally, the venue is close to hotels so guests can stay the night. The Great Hall has a bridal suite for the party to get ready before the wedding.

#7 – Quail Run Ranch

Cost: $3,000
Setting: Outdoor ranch style
Accommodates: 250 guests

On the eastern side of the state in Spokane, the Quail Run Ranch provides one of the most rustic options in all of Washington.

Since it is a venue that is on a ranch, guests will not only be able to enjoy the wedding but they can also enjoy everything the ranch has to offer. Couples don’t have to worry about being in the outdoors the whole time, though.

The ranch has a great hall that ceremonies and receptions can be held in. In addition to the rustic charm, the ranch has, it also has a touch of elegance for even the most discerning couples.

#6 – Chateau Rive

pexels-photo-red-wedding-84839920-1600x1600Cost: $1,500
Setting: Historic castle loft
Accommodates: 250 guests

At the Chateau Rive, couples are able to take advantage of the historic castle overlooking the waterfront. The venue is able to provide everything couples need while they are having their wedding there.

From the food and drink service to the custom cakes they provide, Chateau Rive is an all-inclusive wedding venue.

They are able to host ceremonies and receptions that are indoors only, but guests are able to walk around outside if they want to get an up-close view of the water or if they want to enjoy the historic gardens.

#5 – Barrister Winery at Beacon Hill

Cost: $5,500
Setting: Event center
Accommodates: 450 guests

The event center at the Barrister Winery at Beacon Hill provides a modern setting for different types of weddings in Spokane. Beacon Hill even has overnight suites for guests and the bridal party. The ceremony and reception are able to be indoors or outdoors with opportunities for a mix of both.

The event center caters all of the weddings they have there and they are also able to provide alcohol services to the people who are having their wedding at the event center.

Guests can even enjoy some of the wines that were made right there on site if they want to take advantage of that opportunity while at the winery.

It is a setting that features different outdoor sights. There are waterfalls, gardens and ponds guests can mingle in. Couples are able to rent the whole grounds for the length of their wedding or they can choose from a few options out of everything there is to offer at Beacon Hill.

The event center sits at the top of Beacon Hill so couples can use the city below them as the backdrop for the ceremony and the reception they have while they are getting married.

#4 – Mt. View Manor

Cost: $4,000
Setting: Mountain and hill outdoor setting
Accommodates: 150 guests

The Mt. View Manor provides a mountain setting for wedding parties of all types. It can be used for rustic weddings that have outdoor themes, but it does not have outdoor space to accommodate the wedding party.

The weddings that are at Mt. View Manor can only be held indoors, but there is some outdoor space for people to explore.

Mt. View Manor also suggests different areas on the grounds for people to take pictures.

The wedding party can take advantage of the backdrops. While Mt. View Manor offers a list of their favorite caterers, couples will need to bring along their own caterer and they will also need to provide their own alcohol for the wedding.

#3 – Grand Willow Inn

Cost: $2,300
Setting: Bed and breakfast
Accommodates: 100 guests

The bed and breakfast setting at the Grand Willow Inn allows guests to stay overnight if the party chooses to do so.

The cost for the venue goes up depending on what type of overnight accommodations the wedding is going to take advantage of, but it is generally an affordable option for people who want elegance and a place to stay after they have had their wedding.

The Grand Willow Inn provides both catering and alcohol services that couples can take advantage of for an extra fee.

#2 – Warm Springs Inn and Winery

Cost: $3,500 – $8,000
Setting: Winery and outdoors
Accommodates: 300 guests

At the Warm Springs Inn and Winery, guests are able to enjoy the wine tasting options that can be included with a wedding package. Couples can arrange to have all of their events leading up to the wedding at the winery.

Since it is located at an inn, guests and the wedding party are able to spend the night, but reservations for the inn must be made shortly after the wedding venue is secured.

The Warm Springs Inn and Winery has catering and alcohol services available for those who are having their weddings at the venue.

#1 – Mt. Spring Lodge

Cost: $3,000
Setting: Outdoor, woods
Accommodates: 200 guests

Weddings at the Mt. Spring Lodge in Leavenworth are easy for couples. Not only does the Mt. Spring Lodge provide a destination venue for the couple, but they also provide everything couples will need while they are preparing for the wedding.

In addition to a bridal suite that can be used before the wedding, the lodge also provides a day-of coordinator who will help prepare the venue for everything the party needs.

There are several package options couples can choose from, but the lodge does offer catering services for their couples. While wedding parties are required to bring their own alcohol, the venue can provide the food that will suite different tastes.

Safe Wedding Traveling in Washington

Traveling to your wedding is an important part of getting married, but you want to make sure you get to the destination before the wedding.

You’ll need car insurance coverage for your vehicle and an emergency kit in the vehicle in case you break down on the way to your wedding.

It is also a good idea to have a wedding themed emergency kit in your car in case something happens. It can include things like flats or comfortable shoes, hairspray, a light jacket and a portable (charged) cell phone charger.

– Washington Auto Insurance Requirements

One of the best things you can do is make sure you have insurance coverage on your vehicle. Washington is a fault state. You will need to be sure you have a minimum of $25,000 liability in personal injury and $10,000 in property damage coverage.

If you are traveling either a short distance or a long distance to your wedding, having the right auto insurance coverage will protect you.

In addition to the coverage you already have, you should consider anything else you may need while you are getting married.

If you’re going to leave your car for a long period of time (like when you’re on your honeymoon), you’ll need to be sure you are protected.

In addition, you should review your policy every six months and compare rates from different insurance companies to be sure you’re getting the best coverage possible.

After you get married, talk to your insurance agent because being married can help you save money on car insurance.

– Rental Cars for Weddings

Many couples choose to rent a car to either get to their wedding or leave their wedding on the way to their honeymoon.

Even if you’re renting a car, you may still want to cover yourself with car insurance to protect your resources while you are in the rental car.

Another option many people choose is a vintage car rental to help you get in the spirit of a vintage wedding or an elegant entrance to your wedding. Make sure you are covered with our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!

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