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Top 12 Weekend Getaways in Washington

Here's what you need to know...
  • Washington is one of the top weekend getaway destinations because of its availability, easy access and variety of interesting locations
  • Planning ahead for a weekend getaway will help you be sure you will have the best trip possible without any hiccups
  • Make sure your car insurance satisfies Washington’s requirements before taking off for the weekend
Washington makes an ideal location for people who want to get away for the weekend. The state has different locations for people who want to do different things and the varied landscape makes a special getaway for everyone no matter what their interests are.

Whether you want a mountain escape, a seaside getaway or a retreat in the country, you can get exactly what you need from Washington. While you make your travel plans, make sure to compare rates with our free quote tool above! 

Sometimes, a weekend is all you need to refresh and rejuvenate. These destinations are great for singles, couples and families of all ages. Be sure to prepare ahead for your weekend getaway to make it as enjoyable as possible.

#12 – Fairhaven Village Inn

A weekend isn’t quite enough time to take the Alaskan ferry Bellingham is known for, but you can enjoy a getaway to Fairhaven Village Inn. The hotel has free Wi-Fi, parking and amenities for people of all ages.

It makes a great family resort for those who want to experience everything the northernmost point of the continental United States has to offer.

# 11 – Bacon Mansion

Located in Seattle, the Bacon Mansion is a resort best reserved for adults and couples. The bed and breakfast have packages for couples who want to bring the romance back but they also have basic rooms for those who just need to enjoy a little time away within the heart of the city.

The Bacon Mansion also has packages for those who want to get married in a location that feels very down-home without having to leave the big city.

#10 – Roche Harbor Resort

If you’re visiting San Juan Island in Washington, the chances are you’ve seen the Roche Harbor Resort. The resort is one of the largest in the westernmost part of Washington and caters to people of all ages.

The Roche Harbor Resort has something for children and adults. You can explore the marina, enjoy the restaurants and even go shopping right there on the island. Enjoy coastal living at its finest at Roche Harbor Resort.

#9 – Chevy Chase Beach Cabins

AdobeStock_85682963-1600x1600Even though the town of Chevy Chase is over 3,000 miles away in Virginia, you can enjoy the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins that are an integral part of Port Townsend.

The cabins sit close to Discovery Bay and give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the area in peaceful solitude.

The cabins were created to be rustic but also provide modern amenities at the same time. If you’re visiting the Chevy Chase Beach Cabins, be prepared to have a romantic and relaxing getaway ahead of you.

#8 – West Beach Resort

The West Beach Resort, Orcas Island on Orcas Island is the getaway for people who like to adventure. They offer basic cottages, tent cabins and tent camping locations.

There is a small beach that the resort owns and uses just for guests. There are even some opportunities where you can set up your tent right on the beach depending on the time of year and the tides that are happening while you are visiting the area.

While this resort is modern, they only have basic amenities for people who are visiting so keep that in mind when you’re traveling for a weekend getaway with your family or small children.

#7 – Kaloch Lodge

Within the Olympic National Park, you can get the ocean views you desire in a rustic and beach lodge setting. The Kalaloch Lodge is managed as part of a cooperative with the National Park Service.

You can stay in the main lodge that overlooks the beach or choose to stay in one of the man cabins that are private and modern.

The lodge is best suited for families and singles while the cabins are great for couples who need to steal away for some alone time.

#6 – Marcus Whitman Hotel

On the east side of Washington lies the town of Walla Walla. The Marcus Whitman Hotel exudes the class many people don’t even know they are looking for in a hotel.

There is a Marc Restaurant and a Vineyard Lounge you can enjoy. Step outside into wine country and enjoy some of the best wine you can taste in the PNW.

If you’re visiting, also consider upgrading to one of the premium suites that come with extra amenities.

#5 – Semiahmoo Resort

North of Seattle, Semiahmoo Resort is the perfect place for avid golfers and those who just like the game. The resort is one of the best golf resorts in the entire state and provides a golf course that is just challenging enough to be fun.

The resort also boasts a spa that overlooks some of the best sights in Washington. Take a dip in the oversized pool or spend the day lounging in the spa.

After golfing or getting pampered, you can enjoy one of the many restaurants that are located within and in proximity to the resort.

#4 – Campbell’s Resort

If you’re visiting Chelan, Campbell’s Resort is the place to be. It is located right on the lake and has its own private beach access into the lake.

You can swim, enjoy the events around the resort and even enjoy the Veranda where upscale dining options are all over.

The resort is intended for families and singles but makes a great weekend getaway for families thanks to the swimming, boating and jet skiing that are so popular on the lake.

#3 – Davenport Hotel

The Davenport Hotel in Spokane is a destination on its own. It is a historic landmark and something everyone who visits Spokane needs to see once in their life.

There are dining rooms, guestrooms and historically themed suites. There are three hotels that make up the entire resort: The Historic Davenport Hotel and the two Davenport Towers. They are all located adjacent to each other and have different offerings at each of them.

#2 – The Woodmark

The Woodmark is a boutique hotel in Kirkland. There are a spa and fine dining opportunities. The dining room overlooks the lake and is right on the waterfront.

The hotel has many different room levels that you can choose from. The hotel is better suited to adults, but families of all ages are welcome to visit and stay in the guestrooms.

#1 – Mountain Home Lodge

If the mountains are what you need to relax and get away in Washington, the Mountain Home Lodge is just what you’re looking for. Located in Leavenworth, the Mountain Home Lodge is buried deep in the evergreens of Washington.

The lodge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner but guests are invited to head out to the closest small town and enjoy the family owned restaurants and shops.

Families are able to connect in the great outdoors with biking, hiking and other outdoor activities. Visitors can even enjoy taking tours of the surrounding forests led by expert guides.

Be Prepared for Your Weekend Away

A weekend getaway is no fun if you have to deal with unexpected issues. You can make these issues easier to deal with if you’re prepared, though. You will need to make sure you:

  • Have the required auto insurance in Washington.
  • Carry an emergency kit in your car.
  • Put a first aid kit somewhere that’s accessible.
  • Have a road-safe vehicle that a mechanic looked at.
  • Have maps to use on your way to the destination.

For reference, the state requires you carry a $10,000 property damage liability policy on your insurance. You’ll also need $25,000 for bodily injury. If you haven’t reviewed your policy in some time, consider looking at it again.

You should also shop around and see if you’re really getting the best deal possible every time you review your policy.

If you’re going to plan your getaway, be sure you’re prepared for how long the trip will take. You generally don’t need to worry about the weather in Washington since it is such a temperate area but check the forecast before you head out on your trip.

You also need to consider what to bring along for clothing as the weather can vary depending on which area of Washington you’re visiting. Shop around today with our free quote tool below! 

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