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Top 10 Cities with Best Nightlife in Washington

Here's what you need to know...
  • Washington is the 13th state in the United States according to its size
  • The nightlife in Washington is very diverse and offers some time for people of all ages and various financial capabilities
  • Visiting Washington, or any other state, should be done responsibly while upholding all the standards of safety and obeying the laws
  • Drinking and Driving in Washington will bring jail-time, high fines, and license suspension
Named after the first President of the United States, Washington is the 13th state in the nation population-wise.

With over seven million people, 70,000 square miles, and median household income of over $67,000, this state is one of the most prominent states you can live in nowadays. Before you set out to explore the nightlife in Washington, make sure you are covered with our free quote tool above!

Benefits of Exploring Different Cities at Night

When visiting a new place you have not been to before, the nightlife is the easiest way to rate if you belong and fit-in with the local crowd.

Although all the attractions are usually available during the day as well, it is rare to find a lot of restaurants with live music and bars with happy hour opportunities when the sun is out.

Besides meeting new people, most states will have unique charms that they are famous for. These are a lot more attention-grabbing at night when there might be thousands of visitors like you rushing to get to whatever the best-thing-out-there is at the moment.

#10 – Redmond

concert-336695_1920-1600x1600Located in the King County, this city has a sizeable population of over 60,000. Redmond offers opportunities to enjoy high-quality drinks in beer and wine bars that welcome all the age groups so long as one is legally able to drink.

Hop House is a gastropub that serves comfort food and has over 100 beers available. If you are more interested in a traditional bar make sure to check out WXYZ Bar.

WXYZ is located in Aloft Redmond. They offer a fun and energetic atmosphere for a night out. They offer fun drinks, like an adult Capri-Sun, that you are only going to find at WXYZ.

There is no need to break the bank for a fun night out in Redmond, $25 should be sufficient.

#9 – Bremerton

Although the population in Bremerton is not as large, just over 40,000, you can organize an amazing experience for yourself here.

This city is more geared toward people in their 20s and 30s. Bremerton’s top places to check out are Sirens, Hi-Fidelity Lounge and Garage Big.  Sirens is a local bar that offers great food and has over 100 beer selections available. They also have karaoke on Thursdays and Saturdays!

Hi-Fidelity Lounge is a great place to hear great music and have a drink with friends. They also have open mic nights on Wednesday.  The Garage Bar and Grill has the best Bloody Mary’s in town, so if that is your drink make sure to stop here and try them out!

For any of these venues, it shouldn’t cost too much to have a night out on the town.

#8 – Anacortes

cocktail-585315_1920-1600x1600Moving down in size, we arrive in Anacortes, a 16,000-people city in Skagit County. What might surprise you is the number of unique food choices that such a small city offers.

For example, you can eat gumbo at Brown Lantern Ale House, fish and cocktails at The Cabana, flatbread and salads at Union Tavern, and so on.

As far as the attractions, the city offers a few music venues such as the H2o where younger crowds can have a fun time.

Be prepared to spend around $30 for dinner while you spend your night out in Anacortes.

#7 – Snoqualmie

Even smaller than Anacortes, this city provides visitors with a lot more than an interesting name. Snoqualmie is a nice location to visit and has a thriving nightlife.

Places like the Casino Ballroom is a music venue where local stars will perform or try your luck at the Casino.

Food choices are rich with places like Woodman Lodge Steakhouse, The Black Dog Cafe, Lit Cigar Lounge, and so on.

Overall, it will require an average amount of money for you to enjoy your time here as there are no extremely expensive nor very cheap options to go for.

#6 – Vashon

beer-2536111_1920-1600x1600Almost rhyming with the name of the state itself, Vashon is another King County city that only stretches over two zip codes. With the small size, one can expect to enjoy the very friendly atmosphere of locals who tend to be familiar with one-another.

The nightlife is fairly diverse, despite its small size. Some attractions include the Beer Junction that people of all ages can take advantage of.

If you are looking for food and live music, Red Bicycle Bistro Sushi is a great place to check out! They have a variety of music and comedy groups that come through each week.

Expect to spend around $30 for your night out in Vashon!

#5 – Pullman

glasses-919071_1920-1600x1600Elevated to 2,352′, Pullman is a great location for those who enjoy high humidity and lower temperatures. The population exceeds 30,000 which separates it from the last few cities discussed that were very small in size.

The distinguishing factor that differentiates Pullman from many other options is how cheap it is.

Businesses such as the ZZU Bar & Grill, Star Sing Karaoke and Cask are all very affordable and one can probably visit most of these in a few days.

Pullman is a great city where the nightlife can be fun for all ages! Be prepared to spend around $30 for a night out with friends or family.

#4 – Mill Creek

wine-1543170_1920-1600x1600A little warmer, yet still humid, is Mill Creek in Snohomish County. A local gem places like Azul Restaurant & Lounge are around moderate price-range.

The specialty of this city, however, is Jazz & Blues that is performed at the Forum in Mill Creek Town Center.

Delizioso Euro Bistro and Wine Bar is a good food joint to check out while in Mill Creek! They serve European inspired dishes from crepes to spaghetti and meatballs.

Expect to spend a little more in Mill Creek whichever venue you choose, $40 to $50 should do it.

#3 – Olympia

alcohol-1961542_1920-1600x1600The capital of the state where 50,000 people reside, Olympia, is almost a must-see place when visiting Washington.

Olympia offers some unique attractions like The Westside Tavern, Rhythm and Rye, and Jake’s on Fourth can entertain anyone.

Whether its food, drink or dancing you are looking for any one of these venues can make sure you have a great night out! Plan to spend around $25 for a fun night out in Olympia.

#2 – Bellingham

Bellingham is a coastal city that comes with the most people out of the ones mentioned thus far.

Some of Bellingham’s attractions include Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, Cocoanut Grove, and Wild Buffalo House Of Music. Just because this isn’t a well-known town doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a lot to offer.

Make sure to have around $30 to spend for your night out in Bellingham.

#1 – Seattle

With the largest population of all the cities mentioned by far, Seattle is home to over 700,000 people.

In a city like Seattle, there are a lot of different nightlife options. If you are looking for a fun and unique night out then check out Jupiter Bar. They offer a full-service bar along with arcade games and pool tables. See the video above to check out the inside of Jupiter Bar.

The Forge Lounge is a unique industrial bar that offers a cozy atmosphere for any outing.

Nightlife includes local bars of British and Irish descent, college-oriented pubs, lounges, and more. Meeting people and having fun is almost effortless when you take into consideration all the opportunities at hand!

Plan to spend between $30 and $40 for a night out in Seattle.

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Safety Tips for Enjoying the Nightlife

– Driving

The most important thing you can fail to do is drive and drink. With many of the cities mentioned, there are dozens of alcohol-oriented places that might be inconvenient if you plan on driving alone.

This is why you should consider ridesharing options where you can get a ride with a designed driver, or utilize Uber or Lyft.

Also, when you head to Washington with your own vehicle, ensure that your insurance policy is valid and that it will comply with the state’s minimum liability coverage laws.

In order to keep your policy as up-to-date as possible, you should see if there are any changes you can apply for (better premiums, deductibles, etc.) semi-annually.

– Never Go Out By Yourself

AdobeStock_92970389-1600x1600If you have never been to this state before, you will want to make sure your trip is safe. Enjoying nightlife is perfectly acceptable, but stay away from any hindering circumstances that might put you in a dangerous situation.

This includes drinking responsibly, not consuming any drugs, and getting to know people before engaging in any activities with them. Also, do not part with your wallet or phone as they can be crucial in a time of need!

– Drinking Responsibly

If you are going to visit one of the wine-tasting places around Washington, or simply have a couple of beers with your companions, stay very aware of your drinking capabilities.

This means that you should be mindful of how far you can go before you are exposed to driving under the influence.

In Washington, driving and drinking is the fastest way to get yourself landed in jail. Millions of deaths around the world related to this do not make authorities look at it with any more sympathy either.

Also, if you get your first-time DUI in this state, you can face 2-364 days in jail, no less than 30 days of EHM, will be subject to fines from $700 to $5,200, and a one-year license suspension.

Therefore, try to make your experience as fun as possible while respecting lives and safety of others. Don’t miss out on our free quote tool below! Just enter your zip code and start comparing rates now!

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